February 12, 2011

HP Dangles Developer Carrot with WebOS PCs

Yesterday, HP unveiled its new lineup of WebOS-based smartphones and tablets. Because these markets are already crowded, prevailing wisdom suggested that HP would have difficulty convincing developers to create apps

Mobile World Congress: 5 Trends to Watch

For four days next week, hordes of people involved in the mobile tech industry will head to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. Here are five big trends that should

What the Nokia/Microsoft Deal Means for Developers

On Friday, Microsoft and Nokia announced new plans to collaborate on Nokia-branded smartphones that will use the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Over time, Nokia will phase out Symbian altogether.

How to Guide Your Software Development Teams

In their new book Leadership, Teamwork and Trust: Building a Competitive Software Company, authors Watts S. Humphrey and James W. Over offer managers advice on the best way to lead

Google Extensions Could Aid Java Security

Google has open sourced a project called “Contracts for Java” or “Cofoja” that is dedicated to building a new set of extensions for Java. The features would serve dual purposes