March 15, 2011

Software Progress Beats Moore’s Law

A new study published by White House technology advisors takes issue with the old joke that says “What the hardware giveth, the software taketh away.” In fact, the report finds the opposite to be true. Over the past 15 years, computing speed on the benchmark task used by the researchers

Businesses Getting Wise to Technical Debt

“Technical debt” is defined as the amount of money that companies must spend to maintain their code. When that debt gets too high, it can stop work on more innovative and productive projects. According to Jim Highsmith, executive consultant for ThoughtWorks, notes that some companies are spending “spend 50-75% of

Adobe Launches Flash-to-HTML5 Conversion Tool

Adobe has released a new tool called “Wallaby” that converts Flash apps into HTML5 code. The tool, which is currently in beta, might make it easier to turn some Flash-based apps into native iOS apps. While Wallaby supports Flash features like vector art and images; classic text; keyframes; MovieClips and

W3C Announces a New XML Standard

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the standards body for the Web, has declared that it will officially support Efficient XML Interchange (EXI). Essentially, EXI provides a more compact way to represent XML data. As a result, it can improve the performance, network efficiency and power consumption of applications that

Dispelling Common C++ Class Myths

Among C++ programmers, a few common myths about struct and class keywords are often repeated, including the following: A struct is a value type, while a class is a reference type. A struct contains only primitive data members and is designed for small objects. A struct cannot inherit from another

An Open Letter to RIM for a Disgruntled Developer

RIM says it’s hoping to have plenty of apps for its PlayBook tablet when it is released later this year, but blogger Jamie Murai says the company must really want no one to develop for its platform. “Considering how terribly designed the entire process is, from the registration right through

Secret Sauce to App Success Outed by Developer

What does it take for a mobile app to succeed? UK-based developer Chetan Damani notes that his company is “currently seeing a huge uptake from the apps we launching for ourselves and for our clients and I see no sign of a downturn. There are 350,000-plus apps at the moment

Oracle Releases Java Mobile Development Framework

Oracle has announced the release of a new framework and client that it hopes will spur the development of Java-based apps for industrial mobile devices. The Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile Client facilitates some cross-platform development, but currently only support operating systems widely used by industrial device manufacturers, such

Android, iOS Attracted Open Source Developers in 2010

Application development tool vendor Black Duck maintains a KnowledgeBase of open source projects that currently lists 9,000 mobile projects. Of those, 3,146 declared a platform. Among those that did declare a platform, Google’s Android was the clear favorite with 1,716 projects (55 percent). Apple’s iOS came in second with 1,219

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