July 15, 2011

Apple Launches Volume App Purchasing for Business Software Customers

The program isn’t live yet, but Apple is planning to launch a new volume purchasing program for enterprise customers. Approved business customers will be able to visit a private website showcasing business-to-business apps created by third party developers or by individual companies for use among their workforce. As in the

Gartner: “Citizen Developers” to Create 25% of Apps by 2014

End-user application developers (EUADs) have always been around, but market research firm Gartner says that tight budgets and the growth of simplified application development tools could mean that these “citizen developers” will build 25 percent of more of apps by 2014. However, Gartner’s Ian Finley cautions, “In the past, EUAD

Insider Tips for Mobile Development Success

As the founder and CEO of Appular, the first marketing and PR firm that serves only iOS app makers, Brian Akaka has helped turn apps like Simplenote, Doodle Jump, The Moron Test, Zombie Farm and others into hits. He offers the following advice for mobile development pros who want their

Twitter Reaches 1 Million Apps

A year ago, Twitter had just 150,000 apps in its “ecosystem.” Today, the micro-blogging service announced that it has more than 1 million apps and that it was launching a new site to support the developers who create those apps. Promising better documentation, search and an improved apps management system,

1 Billion Downloads from BlackBerry App World

RIM has announced that users have now downloaded apps from the BlackBerry App World more than 1 billion times. Although the news is positive, it highlights how far the BlackBerry platform has fallen behind its competitors. Apple just reported its 15 billionth download, and Android had more than 4.5 billion

Google Rolls Out Redesigned Android Market

In an effort to boost app downloads, Google is rolling out a redesigned version of its Android Market. “To make it fun and easy for users to explore fresh content, we’ve added our app lists right to the Apps and Games home pages. Users can now quickly flip through these

Top 10 Engineering Mistakes of an Entrepreneurial Site Developer

We never make mistakes. Our endeavors have flawless execution. That is how many of us secretly hope to be perceived in a professional environment. It’s not easy to admit flaws and mistakes, but in this article, I’m going to share the top 10 engineering mistakes I made with ComeHike.com. The