Insider Tips for Mobile Development Success

Insider Tips for Mobile Development Success

As the founder and CEO of Appular, the first marketing and PR firm that serves only iOS app makers, Brian Akaka has helped turn apps like Simplenote, Doodle Jump, The Moron Test, Zombie Farm and others into hits. He offers the following advice for mobile development pros who want their apps to take off:

  1. “People judge books by their covers. Design a beautiful app icon.”
  2. “Try as hard as you can to get featured by Apple. You’ll almost be guaranteed success.”
  3. “Make your app dead-simple to use. “
  4. “Make sure your app is gorgeous. “
  5. “Know your market and price your app accordingly. “
  6. “Do a killer job on the first line of your app’s description. “
  7. “Ask around and get some fresh eyes on your app.”

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