July 29, 2011

ParaSail Language Makes It Easier to Program for Multicore Environments

Because most programming languages were designed for single-chip systems, it can be very tricky to use those languages to write efficient applications for multi-core systems. In order to make that challenge a little easier, Tucker Taft, chairman and CTO for SofCheck, has created a new language. ParaSail, short for Parallel

Oracle Releases Java 7

On July 28, Oracle officially releases Java 7, the first major update for the language in five years. At least one observer has called it “the most anticipated release ever.” eWeek lists its top ten features in Java 7 for developers: Project Coin: Diamond Operator Project Coin: Try-With-Resources Project Coin:

The Evolution of Programming Languages

Rackspace has put together a new infographic that traces the history of programming languages. It begins in 1957 with the development of Fortran and ends in 2005 with the introduction of Ruby on Rails. Along the way, it covers Cobol, Basic, C, Pascal, C++, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java and

Linux 3.0 Adds Xen Hypervisor

Now available for download, Linux 3.0 adds mostly minor changes to the open source operating system. “There are no special landmark features or incompatibilities related to the version number change,” Linux creator Linus Torvalds wrote, “it’s simply a way to drop an inconvenient numbering system in honor of twenty years

Agile vs. Waterfall: Use Cases and Nuances

Is it possible to have a new twist on the seemingly endless debate between advocates of Agile software development and those of the waterfall model? Some people, including Coverity’s Rutul Dave, think so. Coverity is a provider of code-testing products. Dave believes that too many people get lost in the