August 16, 2011

Google Asks Patent Office to Reexamine Lodsys Patents

Patent-holding firm Lodsys has recently gone on a spree, sending threatening letters and suing many mobile development firms. Now Google appears to be stepping in to help defend its developers. It has filed a request with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the reexamination of two patents that

What the Consumerization of IT Means for Enterprise Application Development

An IDC study sponsored by Unisys found that 40 percent of the devices used to access business applications are owned by employees. However, 75 percent of businesses don’t have any business applications for their mobile employees to access with their smartphones or any plans to create those mobile apps in

App Metaphor is “Outdated,” Says Nokia Exec

In an interview, Chris Weber, Nokia’s top executive for America, said that iOS and Android’s reliance on the app model is “outdated.” Instead, he says that Nokia’s new phones featuring the Windows Phone 7 Mango release will introduce users to a more integrated approach featuring “live tiles and hubs.” For

Open Offices for Agile Teams May Be Bad for Workers

Most agile development teams work in open office environments, which improve communication, collaboration, and teamwork. However, several new studies suggest that theses layouts may actually be harmful for the developers who work in them. One study found that moving to an open office space caused a 32 percent drop in