September 15, 2011

Apache at JavaOne 2011

From the ‘Apache Knows Java‘ files: Oracle and Apache have had a somewhat ‘interesting’ relationship in 2011. On one hand, Oracle donated OpenOffice to the Apache Software Foundation. On the

The New Windows Platform — WinRT

One of the buzzwords floating around Microsoft’s BUILD developer conference this week is “WinRT.” WinRT will replace Win32 as the core API for building apps for the Windows 8 Metro

Gender Differences and Android Apps

Media research firm Nielsen has published the results of a new study that finds gender differences in the kinds of apps that Android smartphone owners use most. Overall, Facebook, Google

Verizon to Launch App Store — Again

Verizon’s first app store — V Cast Apps — didn’t do so well, so now the mobile carrier is trying again. The newly re-designed “Verizon Apps” storefront will integrate with