September 24, 2011

No Android Settlement in the Cards for JavaOne

From the ‘Mis-placed Optimism‘ files: Earlier this month I was optimistic that Google and Oracle would come to terms on Android before JavaOne 2011. After all, Larry Page CEO of Google and Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle were set to sit down to figure out a mediated settlement. With those

Report: Android Ad Impressions on the Rise

Millenial Media, an independent mobile ad network, has released a new report on ad impressions for August. Android took the top spot, accounting for 54 percent of the market. Apple’s iOS came in second with a 28 percent share, and RIM was third at 13 percent. In terms of growth,

An Update for OpenStack

The developers behind the OpenStack open source cloud computing project have released a new update with more than 70 new features and improvements. Codenamed Diablo, the release includes a new interface, a unified authentication management system and a number of improvements designed to improve scalability. The improvements “make OpenStack easier