October 7, 2011

Oracle Launches Public Cloud

On day four of the Oracle OpenWorld conference, CEO Larry Ellison took the wraps off the “Oracle Public Cloud.” Ellison, who had famously derided cloud computing in the past, talked up the openness and interoperability of his company’s PaaS and SaaS offerings. He explained that enterprises could take “standard Java

One Out of Five Software Development Projects Fails

A new study by the Standish Group finds that 37 percent of software development projects are “successful” — meaning on-time, in-budget and accepted by end users. While that may seem low, it’s actually an improvement from the 5 percent success rate of two years ago. Observers say that much of

PEAF Simplifies the Rocket Surgery of Enterprise Architecture

Like Web 2.0, the innovation involved in Enterprise Architecture (EA) is more about improving how we use what we already have than inventing something entirely new. While some very specific aspects of those improvements require highly specialized knowledge, most of them are common sense after all the mystery is stripped