Oracle Launches Public Cloud

Oracle Launches Public Cloud

On day four of the Oracle OpenWorld conference, CEO Larry Ellison took the wraps off the “Oracle Public Cloud.” Ellison, who had famously derided cloud computing in the past, talked up the openness and interoperability of his company’s PaaS and SaaS offerings. He explained that enterprises could take “standard Java and Oracle Database apps and deploy them on the Public Cloud without rewriting them.”

He added, “Oh and by the way, you can move it back if you want to. You can move it to the Amazon cloud if you want. You can do development and test on our cloud and go into production in your data center… and nothing changes. Everything is portable. Your data is portable.”

Ellison contrasted Oracle’s cloud services with the “ultimate vendor lock-in” offered by, saying, “The cloud is kind of sticky. You can check in, but you can’t check out. It’s the roach motel of clouds.”

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