November 19, 2011

Mobile Developers Aren’t Following the Money

Two recently released reports point out a contradiction in the mobile development industry. On the one hand, a Gartner report shows that users overwhelming favor the Android platform, which now

Adobe Flex Handed Over to Apache Foundation

Adobe has announced that it would like to donate its Flex code base to the Apache Software Foundation. Flex is Adobe’s SDK for building enterprise Web applications using Flash technology,

Box Expands Enterprise Developer Program

Box has launched a new program for developers called the Box Innovation Network. The company hopes the program encourage third-party enterprise application development for its cloud computing platform. In addition

Where Should Pair Programmers Sit?

One common agile software development technique — pair programming — requires two developers to sit together at one workstation. Usually, the two developers sit next to each other, side-by-side, so

How to Deal with Difficult Customers

Sometimes allowing developers to contact customers can be like lighting a match around gasoline, but Eric Spiegel argues that the best developers also have good people skills. However, even the

OpenShift Improves Java Support

RedHat has announced that its OpenShift platform as a service (PaaS) now offers support for the “full Java lifecycle for developers.” Specifically, the company is integrating OpenShift with its JBoss

Private PaaS Gains Momentum

At the recent Cloud Expo, a number of vendors were touting tools for building private platform as a service (PaaS) offerings. Private PaaS offers many of the same benefits as

Bloggers Call for ‘Occupy VMware’ Movement

Has the time come for VMware to resurrect its VMware Technology Network (VMTN) Subscription? The company used to offer the program, which was similar to Microsoft’s MSDN program, as a