Bloggers Call for ‘Occupy VMware’ Movement

Bloggers Call for ‘Occupy VMware’ Movement

Has the time come for VMware to resurrect its VMware Technology Network (VMTN) Subscription? The company used to offer the program, which was similar to Microsoft’s MSDN program, as a way for developers and testers to get access to VMware’s virtualization and cloud computing tools relatively inexpensively. However, the program was cancelled after two years.

Now bloggers led by Mike Laverick are calling for a return of the subscription-based developer program. VMware has heard the requests of the “Occupy VMware” movement, and VMware’s Duncan Epping writes, “Keep in mind that starting a program like this does take time, and the program will need a serious overhaul. As such I cannot make any promises on when this will happen. I do want to stress that all feedback is highly appreciated, we are listening!”

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