December 13, 2011

Uncle Sam Wants Mobile Devs

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a new program to create applications that can coordinate intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) programs. Many of these applications rely on

10 Billion Downloads for the Android Market

Google has unveiled some more statistics about the success of the Android mobile operating system. According to the company, the Android Market passed the 10 billion download mark over the

Java Apps Have Most Expensive Technical Debt

An analysis of 745 applications by Cast Software finds that Java apps have the most violations of standard development practices per line of code. When application developers are rushed to

Report: 84% of Applications Have Security Bugs

According to code-testing vendor Veracode, the company finds security vulnerabilities in 84 percent of desktop and Web applications when they are submitted for testing the first time. Two-thirds of those

Kindle Fire Boosts Amazon Appstore Sales

While hard statistics can be hard to find, several developers say that their sales and downloads through the Amazon Appstore have skyrocketed after the release of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.

RIM Loses BBX Trademark Dispute

A federal court in New Mexico has issued a temporary restraining order that prevents RIM from using the trademark “BBX,” the name the company had been using for the next

A New Crop of Computer Programming Schools

With demand for skilled programmers on the rise, many organizations are offering new training programs that teach application development skills. Recently, several of those organizations have attracted funding from investors.

HP Decides to Open Source WebOS

Following weeks of speculation about whether HP would sell the WebOS platform it acquired with the purchase of Palm, company CEO Meg Whitman has announced that WebOS will become open