Kindle Fire Boosts Amazon Appstore Sales

Kindle Fire Boosts Amazon Appstore Sales

While hard statistics can be hard to find, several developers say that their sales and downloads through the Amazon Appstore have skyrocketed after the release of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. For example, the makers of the Quickoffice productivity app say their Amazon sales were about 1/100 of their Android Market sales before the launch of the Fire. However, recently, their Amazon sales have often matched their Android Market figures. “It’s been a massive difference for us; we’re doing very well on the Amazon store,” said Quickoffice CEO Alan Masarek.

Sylvain Dufour, founder and CEO of Mobigloo, concurs, saying his company has seen a “dramatic” difference since the launch of the Kindle Fire. “I think the main difference is because people on Amazon and the Kindle Fire, they’re more serious about buying. Even if they want the free version to start there’s more of a chance of them to convert. Even if Amazon is just one channel to sell Android applications, overnight since the launch of the Kindle Fire, it’s become a very serious channel to sell a product,” he said.

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