May 15, 2012

VMware Launches vFabric Suite 5.1

VMware has turned its vFabric application framework into a suite. The just-launched vFabric Suite 5.1 relies heavily on open source technologies to enable cloud development and deployment of applications. “The cloud era is driving a transformation in applications. Today, most are built with open source development frameworks, deployed on lightweight

Agile Software Development Solves Some Problems, But Not All of Them

A new survey of 1,000 IT pros by Serena Software found that while Agile methodologies have caught on in enterprise application development teams, they haven’t eliminated all of the problems that plague the application development process. The report summary found that while enterprise developers think their development processes are strong,

Apache Hadoop and Hive for Big Data Storage and Processing

Big data is an aptly named concept. Nowadays, huge amounts of data and information are generated by hundreds of millions of applications, devices and human beings all round the world. Be they user’s personal data maintained by social networking sites, public sites hosting blogs, weather-related data generated by different types