August 28, 2012

JQuery and PhoneGap rule for mobile web app development

A new study from Mozilla shows some fascinating data. Some of the results mean more than others. For example, according to the study, more app developers are targeting the Web than, say, iOS and or Android. Maybe that’s broadly true, or perhaps that’s what you’d expect from Mozilla developers. (The

Hadoop in Practice: Using Sqoop to Import Data from MySQL

Log data has long been prevalent across all our applications, but with Hadoop came the ability to process that data. Various systems produce log data, from network devices and operating systems to web servers and our own applications. They all offer the potential for valuable insights into how our systems

BiNu Aims to Bring Apps to ‘Dumb’ Phones

While smartphones are becoming standard in the developed world, feature phones, a.k.a. “dumb” phones, still rule in the developing world. But Australian startup biNu wants to make dumb phones more like smartphones by hosting mobile apps in the cloud and making them accessible via a local Java client. The company

Facebook: Dumping HTML5 for Native Code Doubled App Speed

Often criticized as clunky and slow, Facebook’s iOS app used to be written in HTML5. However, the company has rolled out a new native app written in Objective-C, and it’s getting kudos from users and the press. “One of the biggest advantages we’ve gained,” said Facebook’s Jonathan Dann, “has been