November 20, 2012

Planning for a Cyber-9/11

We’ve grown complacent. Cyberattacks are so common, so ubiquitous, that we’ve grown inured to them. Phishing attacks clog our inboxes. Denial of Service attacks pepper our financial system. And attacks like Stuxnet raise the level of Cyberwarfare to the international stage. But we haven’t yet seen any type of attack

Interview: Appcelerator’s Michael King on HMTL5 vs. Native Development

The mobile development industry is currently embroiled in a battle between those who think that Web-based applications built with HTML5 technology will eventually prevail and those who believe native applications will continue to dominate. In an interview with Business Insider Michel King from mobile development tool vendor Appcelerator weighed in

App Store Reaches a Milestone: 1 Million Apps Approved

According to Appsfire, Apple’s App Store passed a major milestone on Monday: 1 million apps approved since the store’s inception in July 2008. While Apple is unlikely to acknowledge the milestone publicly, it did recently announce that the App Store has passed 700,000 apps. Currently, 736,247 of the 1 million

SharePoint App Store Spurs Interest, Triggers Questions

Microsoft recently announced major changes to SharePoint as an application development platform. It rolled out new tools designed to make it easier to create SharePoint apps and revealed that SharePoint 2013 will feature an app store. While many developers believe the changes offer new opportunities, they have questions about exactly