December 6, 2012

EMC, VMware Launch Pivotal Initiative Spin-Off

EMC and VMware are spinning off a new company called Pivotal Initiative that will focus on cloud development products from both firms. Those products include VMware’s vFabric cloud computing software, the Spring lightweight Java development framework and VMware’s open source Cloud Foundry PaaS. In addition, Pivotal Initiative will offer agile

Freemium App Model Continues to Gain Traction

A new survey by Simon-Kucher & Partners analyzed payment models for the mobile development industry. They found that approximately 40 percent of apps utilize paid downloads and a third use the “freemium” model–free downloads with in-app purchases available. The result was somewhat surprising as the firm had expected the freemium

Mistakes Recruiters Make When Going After Top Devs

Semil Shah from Javelin Venture Partners recently compiled some input from developers who have been contacted by recruiters. Here’s what developers say recruiters are doing wrong in the current war for top development talent: Dave Gullo, Core Engineer @ Krux Digital: “I would say the #1 mistake professional recruiters make

Report: Top 25 Developers Account for Half of All Mobile App Revenue

A new report from researchers at Canalys confirms what many had suspected: a few leading mobile development firms account for the majority of app downloads and revenue. In fact, Canalys found that the top 25 developers accounted for 50 percent of revenue earned from the App Store and Google Play

How Important Is Pre-Launch App Marketing?

As app stores continue to grow, it gets tougher and tougher for developers to attract attention for their apps. As a result, some are beginning to market their apps even before they’re done writing code. Recently a cottage industry has sprung up with startups like Ooomf, PreApps and offering