February 6, 2013

Does Agile Architecture Equal Agile Plus Architecture?

Even though it’s difficult to tell, the name of this blog is The Agile Architecture Revolution, which is coincidentally the name of my new book, coming out next month. However, I’m not the first — or only — person to coin the term “Agile Architecture.” There is a growing buzz

HP Unveils Two New Agile Software Development Tools

HP has taken the wraps off two new agile software development tools. The first, HP Agile Manager, is an application lifecycle management (ALM) solution that aims to facilitate agile development. It allows managers to assign tasks and developers to create, share and edit code. It’s available on an SaaS basis

Top Tips for Writing More Secure Code

As cyberattacks continue to increase, developers are coming under increasing pressure to make sure their code is secure. InfoWorld‘s Peter Wayner has put together 17 tips designed to help programmers build security into their applications. Here are ten (visit the link below for the full list): “No. 1: Test inputs