February 26, 2013

String Literals and Values with Backslash Escape Character in C# and C++CLI

Backslashes in C# and C++CLI are widely used in Windows file paths and with escape characters. Use of double backslashes and backslashes to perform special functions is well described in many publications. However, the source code is not necessary what you will see in the Visual Studio Debugger. A comparison

Linqual Lets SQL Developers Access the Power of Hadoop

Big data tool vendor Concurrent has released a new open source tool called Lingual that makes it easier for developers familiar with SQL to build applications based on Hadoop. “Concurrent was established with the belief that there had to be a simpler path to mass Hadoop adoption,” said Concurrent founder

Update: 130,000 Apps for Windows Phone Store

Microsoft used the Mobile World Congress as the opportunity to release a number of statistics related to its Windows Phone platform and to announce a new Dev Center app. The dashboard-like app allows mobile development firms to access key metrics for their Windows Phone 8 apps. It also features a