Linqual Lets SQL Developers Access the Power of Hadoop

Linqual Lets SQL Developers Access the Power of Hadoop

Big data tool vendor Concurrent has released a new open source tool called Lingual that makes it easier for developers familiar with SQL to build applications based on Hadoop. “Concurrent was established with the belief that there had to be a simpler path to mass Hadoop adoption,” said Concurrent founder and CTO Chris Wensel. “And since day one, we have worked to create solutions that make it easier for developers to build powerful and robust Big Data applications quickly and easily. With the Lingual project, we are one huge step closer to realizing our mission.”

Wensel added, “Lingual is great for people who don’t know how to use Hadoop but know SQL. The best way to get value out of something in many cases is just to use SQL.”

Linqual works with another Concurrent tool called Cascading, which offers an alternative to MapReduce. Together, they make it easy to query data within Hadoop using familiar interfaces and tools.

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