May 22, 2013

Appcelerator Launches Enterprise Mobile Development Platform

Enterprise application development tool vendor Appcelerator has rolled out a new offering it calls “the only enterprise SaaS platform built from the ground up for mobile.” The Appcelerator platform includes tools for development and testing, as well as providing hosting for apps with built-in analytics. The new product underscores the

Use Big Data Technologies to Build a Content Repository Architecture

In today’s knowledge driven industry, a huge amount of digital information is generated, collected, processed and maintained for future use. It is one of the key activities and requirement in any organizations. The digital contents include various business processes and planning documents; product requirements, design and maintenance documents; user guides

Rackspace Works to Attract Developers

In the past, Rackspace has been primarily an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) vendor, but now it’s adding features to become more attractive as a cloud development platform. Specifically, its making Java, PHP, Python and Ruby SDKs available through its cloud services, and it’s also adding support for .NET languages,

Atlassian Updates Jira Bug Tracker

Atlassian has officially released Jira 6, the latest version of its bug tracking tool. The most noticeable change in the bug tracker is the revamped interface, which the company says makes navigation easier and improves workflow. “We really tried hard to create a whole new, more efficient Jira,” said Atlassian’s