June 25, 2013

Flexiant and Boston Deliver ???Cloud in a Box??? Solution on Supermicro Servers

???Cloud in a Box??? solution offers trendsetting cloud management technology combined with the platform of choice for service providersLondon, UK and St Albans, UK ??? 25 June 2013 ??? Flexiant and Boston Limited today announced a partnership to provide a ???cloud in a box??? solution to the market. As a

The Oracle Translation Engine: Deciphering Earnings Call Doublespeak

In case you missed it, Oracle missed their Wall Street numbers last week. This bad news from Redwood Shores led to some frantic hand-waving on the part of CEO Larry Ellison, CFO Safra Catz and President Mark Hurd. As you might expect, there was plenty of public company executive doublespeak

Is Netflix Becoming One of the Most Important Software Companies?

“As the cloud grows in importance, Netflix is positioned to lead mainstream enterprises to adopt it in droves,” says ReadWrite‘s Matt Asay. Of course, Netflix isn’t primarily a software development firm, but it has created several significant applications related to cloud computing and big data, and it has released those

Enterprises Are Moving Sensitive Applications to the Cloud

In the past, enterprises have been slow to move sensitive applications to public cloud computing services, but a report in NetworkWorld says that may be starting to change. The article points to TD Bank as an example. The bank is using a cloud-based e-discovery service to house petabytes worth of