August 9, 2013

Google Adds Developer-Friendly Features to its Cloud Computing Services

Google has announced several improvements to its cloud computing platform that enhance the services available to developers. For example, Google Compute Engine now has Layer 3 load balancing, which intelligently routes Web application traffic across a collection of servers. In addition, Google Cloud Datastore has added support for Google Query

Cloud 66 Simplifies Cloud Deployment

Startup Cloud 66 isn’t exactly a platform as a service (PaaS), but it does some of the same things as a PaaS. It analyzes code stored in GitHub and determines what services would be necessary to deploy the application on Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Joyent, Linode, Rackspace or Telefónica.

The Real Reason Bezos Bought the Washington Post

Whenever a multibillionaire like Jeff Bezos pulls out his personal checkbook and shells out $250 million of his own money for a newspaper, you have to wonder what was going through his head. Now that the news of this purchase is several days old, the guesses as to Bezos’s motivations