September 11, 2013

Google Updates App Engine Again

Google updated its App Engine in August, but it’s already pushing out another release, version 1.8.4. It includes a number of features aimed at improving cloud development capabilities. “To make it even easier for developers to build and test their applications at scale, we’re better aligning the development environment with

Why Is PostgreSQL Suddenly So Popular?

ReadWrite notes that open source database PostgreSQL is enjoying something of a surge in popularity with developers and enterprise IT pros. Hacker News mentions are up, and PostgreSQL job postings are growing at a much faster rate than MySQL jobs (though total PostgreSQL jobs still trail MySQL jobs by a

Heroku PostgresSQL Patched to 9.3

Heroku PostgresSQL 9.3 public beta is now available, introducing a plethora of useful features. The new built-in Postgres FDWs(Foreign data wrappers- which allow you to query from within Postgres to an external datasource) available to all Heroku Postgres 9.3 users, the API for foreign data wrappers now supports them writing

LexisNexis Exposes Zombie Foreclosures and Fraud Trends

LexisNexis?? 15th Annual Mortgage Fraud Report shows the current composition of residential mortgage fraud and misrepresentation in the U.S. committed by mortgage industry professionals. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) mortgage regulations going into effect in January 2014. These annual fraud reports, armed with 15 years of trend data, allow for

Time to Scrap Your PKI?

The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been the backbone of IT security for several years. It lies at the heart of SSL, Cloud encryption, digital signatures, and the vast majority of IT security tools and techniques around the world. But now we know that it has been compromised. In fact,