October 2, 2013

Four Tips for Getting Hired as a Software Developer

In the Silicon Valley, there is a perception gap between tech companies and developers. Several big technology companies in the Valley vocally complain that there are no developers for hire. They feel so strongly about the perceived dearth of available developers that they have taken to lobbying for immigration reform.

Gartner: Hybrid Cloud Computing Gaining Traction

A new report from market research firm Gartner sees growing enterprise interest in hybrid cloud computing environments. These environments utilize both private and public cloud services in order to enhance agility. Gartner predicts 50 percent of large enterprises will have hybrid clouds by the end of 2017. Gartner’s Thomas Bittman

Why Developers Should Build Enterprise Tablet Apps

A lot of mobile development firms are working on smartphone games, but Mixpanel CEO Suhail Doshi argues that there might be a better opportunity in creating enterprise apps for tablets. People spend a lot of time with tablets: while tablets account for only 19 percent of mobile devices sold, they