October 11, 2013

Moneyball for Enterprise Application Development Teams

Michael Rosenbaum, founder and CEO of Catalyst IT Services, thinks it’s time to start applying the “Moneyball” tactics that have helped some baseball teams find success with undervalued players to enterprise application development teams. His company has built an analytics tool to help find developers that will work well together

9 Top Mobile Development Skills

According to research conducted by IDC and Appcelerator, 63 percent of developers have seen demand for their skills rise recently. So what are the skills that enterprises want when hiring mobile developers? Based on keyword searches at Dice.com, the skills companies are likely to look for when hiring mobile developers

Microsoft Delivers New 64-Bit JIT Compiler for .NET

Microsoft’s .NET team has introduced a new 64-bit just-in-time (JIT) compiler code-named RyuJIT. In a recent blog post, Andrew Pardoe, PM manager for the Common Language Runtime (CLR) PM team, said Microsoft’s existing 64-bit JIT compiler is fast, but may not be fast enough for some uses. “The world is