November 26, 2013

Controversy Surrounds Winner of $1 Million Salesforcecom Hackathon

During last week’s Dreamforce conference, gave away $1 million to Upshot, the development firm that won the event hackathon. The firm received the prize for a mobile app which allows users to use mobile devices to create reports based on’s cloud computing services. But now some other participants

OpenStack?s HAL 9000 Moment

A recent blog post by Gartner Analyst Alessandro Perilli created a bit of a dustup in the OpenStack world. He wondered why vendors can?t sell OpenStack to enterprises, and came up with four basic answers: lack of clarity about what OpenStack actually does, lack of transparency about OpenStack?s business model,

New DevXtra Blog: Enterprise Issues for Developers

We’ve added a new blog series to DevX entitled Enterprise Issues for Developers. Look for regular entries to start appearing on the site in the very near future. These articles and blog entries will focus on some of the core topics that impact developers working in a corporate setting or