December 2, 2013

How Far Will Companies Go to Attract Top Developer Talent?

By some estimates, there are only eight qualified developers available for every ten job openings. With odds like those, companies are going to new lengths to attract and keep talent. For example, GitHub has built a replica of the Oval Office that workers walk through on their way to their

Survey: 96% of Businesses Considering Public Clouds

During Amazon Web Services’ recent re:Invent cloud computing conference, vendor Riverbed Technology conducted a survey of attendees. Among the 122 people polled, 96 percent said their organizations were either already using a public cloud service or were considering one; 53 percent were currently using a public IaaS. Among those who

Can Big Data Fix Management Fads?

Ever wonder what’s in all those books on the business shelf in your local big box bookstore? Management fads. Some management guru comes up with a novel hypothesis about how to run companies better, goes out and finds some case studies to support their hypothesis, and voila! A fad is