December 19, 2013

Amazon, IBM Battle for Cloud Supremacy in China

On the same day, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM have both put out announcements related to cloud computing services for China. In a blog post, AWS said that it will be adding a region in Beijing. Services such as EC2, S3, virtual private cloud and elastic load balancing will

Managing BYOD with the Cloud

It’s one thing to let employees bring their phone to work and use it to access company information, but it’s quite another to force them to submit to remote wipes should they misplace the device. Nobody wants a draconian, big brother employer having that much control over their own phones.

Enterprise Mobile Apps More Profitable than Consumer Mobile Apps, Says Report

A new report from VisionMobile suggests that the mobile development industry should be paying more attention to the enterprise market. The firm believes the market for enterprise apps will be four times the size of the market for consumer apps. Already, VisionMobile’s data shows that enterprise apps bring in about

Amazon Releases Beta Version of Kinesis Streaming Analytics Platform

Everyone is getting into the big data analytics business, and Amazon Web Services is no exception. The company has just announced a public beta trial for Kinesis, the data streaming analytics platform it announced at AWS Re:Invent. The service allows developers to pull data from a wide variety of sources