January 9, 2014

Change your Data or Change your Code?

The data in the enterprise change all the time, right? Virtually every user interface interaction, API call, or event changes some data somewhere. Code, however, is static. It never changes on its own, of course ? and when people have to change it, it?s a difficult, complex proposition, especially in

Execs Prefer Private Clouds, Survey Finds

An IDG Connect survey commissioned by Unisys recently found that 50 percent of C-level executives preferred private clouds to public or hybrid cloud computing environments. By comparison, 26 percent preferred hybrid clouds, and 24 percent preferred public. When asked about the biggest challenge of cloud computing, 60 percent cited security.

How Facebook Scaled Mercurial

In a recent blog post, Facebook’s Durham Goode and Siddharth Agarwal explained how they modified the Mercurial version control system to meet their company’s needs. At issue was the vast size of Facebook’s source code—”many times larger than even the Linux kernel, which checked in at 17 million lines of

10ZiG Technology is First to Release Citrix Linux Receiver 13.0

Leicester, UK – 9th January, 2014 -10ZiG Technology, the only Thin and Zero Client Vendor to offer true versatility at no extra cost, is excited to announce its integration of Citrix Linux Receiver 13.0 into its Thin and Zero Client product range (5748C/5848C/5872/6872). 10ZiG is the first Thin Client vendor