January 15, 2014

Combing Lean Principles with Agile Software Development

In an interview with InfoQ Régis Medina explained why he thinks it’s a good idea for enterprise development teams to apply both Lean and Agile principles in their daily work. “Lean and agile are perfectly compatible but very different in nature,” he explained. “Lean is not a process, or a

Google Cloud Storage Launches Hadoop Connector

It’s been possible run Hadoop on Google Cloud Storage for quite some time, but now Google is releasing a new connector that it says will make the task easier. The connector manages the cluster and file system, allowing developers to focus on the code for their data processing. According to

Back to the Future: A Broader and More Flexible Approach to Mobile Development

Overview Today’s emphasis on responsive web design (RWD) brings many benefits, but can also gloss over important differences in how people actually use different types of devices. Are there lessons from our not-so-distant past that can help us avoid such pitfalls? Responsive Web Design Long ago — way back before