Combing Lean Principles with Agile Software Development

Combing Lean Principles with Agile Software Development

In an interview with InfoQ Régis Medina explained why he thinks it’s a good idea for enterprise development teams to apply both Lean and Agile principles in their daily work. “Lean and agile are perfectly compatible but very different in nature,” he explained. “Lean is not a process, or a toolbox for improving processes, but a management practice that individuals develop along the years with the help of their sensei.”

Medina described Lean as “a set of practices and exercises aimed at developing people skills.” He added, “As a set of development practices, agile is a solution. The lean question is: what is the problem you are facing for which agile could be a solution? Imposing a solution when no problem exists could lead to a waste of time, create more problems than it solves, or leave the real problem untouched.”

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