March 24, 2014

Case Studies: Enterprise Apps Don’t Have to Be Boring

Enterprise apps have long had a reputation for being a little boring. While consumer apps are designed to be attractive and sexy, enterprise apps have focused on security and stability. But Eric Lundquist writes for eWeek that some enterprise apps are shedding their stodgy image. The recent GigaOm Structure Data

Go Language Increasing in Popularity

While it still has a long way to go to catch up with favorites like Java and C, there are several signs that Google’s Go language is becoming more popular with developers. First, it’s been used in several high-profile projects like Docker, Heroku’s and Cloud Foundry’s (Go)Router. Second, based

Capabilities or Affordances: Which Should Software Have?

When you write a computer program, you?re providing instructions to one or more computers so that they can do whatever it is you?ve programmed them to do. In other words, you programmed the computers to have one or more capabilities. According to Wikipedia, a capability is the ability to perform