May 22, 2014

IBM Sees Microsoft Azure as a Key Competitor for BlueMix

eWeek recently conducted an interview with Steve Mills, senior vice president and group executive for Software & Systems at IBM, and they discussed cloud computing, IBM’s BlueMix PaaS and other topics. Somewhat surprisingly, Mills said IBM cloud development platform was meant to compete with Microsoft’s cloud computing offerings, not Amazon’s.

Openmind Networks launches App data transfer platform Golgi with $5 million in funding

Golgi increases app loading speeds by up to 20 timesRuns on Openmind???s powerful Traffic Control platformDublin, Thursday 22nd May, 2014: Openmind Networks, the Irish mobile communications platform vendor, today announced a $5 million investment into the commercial launch of a new Software Development Kit (SDK) called Golgi (pronounced Gol-G).Golgi leverages