June 12, 2014

Node.js Eliminates Contributor License Agreements

The Node.js project has announced that it will now longer require developers who submit code to the project to sign contributor license agreements (CLA). In the past, this requirement deterred some enterprise application development pros from participating because ?it could involve a long conversation with your legal department to ultimately

15 Websites Built on Amazon’s Cloud

David Gewirtz from ZDNet has put together a list of fifteen websites that were built using Amazon Web Services. He also includes videos from several of the sites which go into quite a bit of detail about how they use the cloud computing service and why. It’s worthwhile for any

Breaking Down Enterprise Silos in the Cloud: Report from Cloud Expo

I had the pleasure of delivering my first conference presentation as the President of Intellyx yesterday at Cloud Expo in New York. My talk, Breaking Down Enterprise Silos in the Cloud, introduced Bloomberg Agile Architecture to a live audience (download the presentation from SlideShare). I?m pleased (and relieved!) to say