June 24, 2014

IBM, Toyota Partner on Vehicle Application Development Platform

IBM has announced that it is working with Toyota to build an application development platform for in-vehicle apps. The project is part of Toyota’s T-Connect initiative, which is trying to speed up the creation of connected vehicles and in-car apps. “As the industry continues to move toward bringing fully connected

The Bunker launches Ultra Secure Object Storage Cloud service, powered by Cleversafe

Ultra Secure IT services provider expands capabilities by partnering with leading object storage provider24 JUNE 2014: Ultra Secure IT services provider, The Bunker today launches its Ultra Secure Object Storage Cloud service, designed for businesses that want to use public cloud data storage but can’t. The new cloud service solves

Hosted APIs from the Microsoft Azure App Services Offering

With mobile services in the fray, an ecosystem of publishers are constantly giving rise to data and business processes that are being licensed to consumers. This has resulted in significant investments towards outsourcing API management to providers than can scale the infrastructure to support the growing demands of consumers. Microsoft