June 25, 2014

The Benefits of Distributed Development

Some large companies, such as Facebook, insist on locating all of their developers in one location. In Facebook’s case, that’s in Silicon Valley. Studies show that co-located teams are more productive, which encourages companies to adopt this approach. However, in a post on ReadWrite, Matt Asay argues that just as

Most Enterprises Providing Mobile Apps for Employees, Survey Finds

In a survey of 100 enterprise executives, application management and security vendor Apperian found that 70 percent plan to deploy mobile apps to one thousand employees or more, and 33 percent plant to provide mobile apps to five thousand employees or more. Other key findings related to mobile development from

Software Customization: The Death of Agility

Can you imagine this scenario? You?re monkeying with your app of choice, say from Apple or Microsoft or perhaps from any of the throngs of vendors pouring new apps in to the consumer market. The app in question is OK, but you?d really like it to do something else ?