July 15, 2014

Perforce Introduces Industry???s First Federated Versioning Capabilities

Content and Metadata Federation Improves Performance and Security for Multisite Teams Using Git and P4DKey Points:??? New architecture enables global teams to access and manage revisions of shared content at LAN speed using Perforce, Git or both ??? Organisations can selectively promote content to different sites, reducing both bandwidth usage

Oracle Debuts Big Data SQL

Recently, non-SQL data management solutions, such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases, have been getting lots of attention, but that doesn’t mean enterprises should write off SQL just yet. Oracle has announced a new technology called “Big Data SQL” that will allow users to run SQL queries against non-SQL data storage

Report: Microsoft to Announce Major Job Cuts

Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft is planning its biggest job reduction in history, based on information from unnamed sources. That would mean more than 5,800 people would lose their jobs out of a workforce of 127,104 employees. According to the report, many workers from Nokia, which Microsoft recently acquired, could