October 19, 2015

Microsoft Azure Data Lake Services

While Amazon Web Services is leaving no strings behind and continuously striving to complete the loop in being a provider of end to end data services, Microsoft Azure is not too far behind. In my previous post, I talked about AWS launching QuickSight for business intelligence. Azure has now come

China, Other Governments Reviewing IBM Source Code

In a speech last week, an IBM executive revealed that his company has been allowing Chinese officials to review some of its source code. In a related statement, IBM said that it had permitted several governments to review code in a tightly controlled environment in order to reassure them that

Walmart Releases OneOps Cloud Development Tool

Walmart has released the OneOps cloud development platform under an open source license. According to the company, it can help prevent vendor lock-in, and it supports the DevOps culture at WalmartLabs. “This is good news for developers who need technology that can continuously manage and monitor the applications they develop