January 28, 2016

Oracle to Kill the Java Browser Plugin

Oracle has announced that the Java browser plugin will be deprecated in Java 9, and it will be missing entirely from future versions of Java. The Java browser plug-in has frequently been called out for security vulnerabilities, and the Chrome and Firefox browser had already taken steps towards ending support.

Salesforce Launches Heroku Enterprise Cloud Development Platform

Salesforce has released Heroku Enterprise, a new cloud development platform that will allow Salesforce customers to build and deploy apps on Salesforce’s App Cloud. In the past, the company’s Heroku platform as a service has been targeted at developers, but this new offering is for enterprise application development teams. Heroku

Don’t Learn from Other People’s Development Experience

It is a common advise to learn from other people successes and mistakes. Go through testimonies, post-mortem analyses, books and articles and they all say the same. But, in the dynamic environment of software development you have to be very careful. It is often easy to observe that, given all