Salesforce Launches Heroku Enterprise Cloud Development Platform

Salesforce has released Heroku Enterprise, a new cloud development platform that will allow Salesforce customers to build and deploy apps on Salesforce’s App Cloud. In the past, the company’s Heroku platform as a service has been targeted at developers, but this new offering is for enterprise application development teams.

Heroku Enterprise has three key features that make it suitable for enterprise use: Private Spaces, which gives enterprises the security they need while using Salesforce’s cloud infrastructure; Global Regions, which allows enterprises to run apps in cloud computing facilities close to where their customers are located; and Integrated Identity, which improves authentication.

“Heroku is one of the pillars of the Salesforce App Cloud; it’s become a central part of how Salesforce’s customers are building connections and applications to their customers,” said Brian Goldfarb, Salesforce senior vice president of App Cloud marketing.

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