March 4, 2016

Gartner: 43% of Enterprises Will Have IoT Projects This Year

Market research firm Gartner has released a new survey on Internet of Things (IoT) projects at enterprises. Among those surveyed, 29 percent have already deployed IoT technologies, and another 14 percent plan to do so in 2016. In addition 21 percent plan to adopt IoT technologies sometime after 2016, but

Hybrid Cloud Computing Leads to IoT, Cognitive Computing, Says IBM Report

A new survey from IBM finds that companies that have deployed hybrid clouds are using them to launch other cutting-edge initiatives in areas like the Internet of Things (IoT) and cognitive computing. “While we know that hybrid is the norm now, what’s revealing in this study is that leading companies

The Future State of Technology

We live in exciting times. The rate of technological progress has always accelerated, but only very recently, in the 21st century, have the advances become tangible within a single generation. The computer and the Internet have transformed the world and now we’re on the doorstep of multiple concurrent interwoven revolutions.