June 7, 2016

Managing Code Debt in Team Foundation Server with SonarQube

SonarQube?is a popular open source platform for managing quality in the scope of an application life cycle. It covers the seven axes of quality around the source code, namely???code clones, unit testing, complexity, potential source of bugs, adherence to static rules, documentation in the form of comments, and architecture and

IBM Joins R Consortium as a Platinum Member

IBM has announced that it is joining the R Consortium as a Platinum member, the highest level of membership available. Launched by the Linux Foundation, the R Consortium is a foundation that supports the open source R programming language and seeks to encourage its adoption in enterprises. R is popular

Salesforce Holds TrailheaDX Developer Conference, Unveils App Cloud

In an attempt to reach out to more enterprise application development teams, particularly those involved in mobile development, Salesforce is holding its first ever TrailheaDX developer conference. It made several announcements at the event, including the following: The company is rolling out App Cloud, a new cloud computing service for

Determine who and what Caused a Deadlock in one of your Database Objects

It is relatively simple to establish what has caused a deadlock in one of your database objects. All you need to do is to know how to manipulate the built in System databases in order to get the appropriate information. The following Query: SELECT SysTL.request_session_id, DB_NAME(SysTL.resource_database_id), SysO.Name, SysP.object_id, SysTL.resource_type, SysTL.request_mode,