July 25, 2016

Getting All Stored Procedures Inside a Database

There are essentially two ways to get a list of all Stored Procedures inside your database. Option 1: SELECT *FROM YOUR_DATABASE_NAME.information_schema.routinesWHERE routine_type = ‘PROCEDURE’ORDER BY Specific_name This option checks the database’s objects itself for a Procedure type. This produces a list of all procedure routines in your database. Option 2:

Bitbucket Pipelines Adds Mercurial Support

Atlassian has released the 4.8 version of its Bitbucket tool, and the biggest change is that Bitbucket Pipelines now supports Mercurial as well as Git. That’s an interesting move, because Atlassian initially chose Mercurial as its source code management system before Git became so popular among developers. Other changes in