August 9, 2016

Audit Azure Logic App Workflow with Event Hubs and Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Event Hubs is a great platform for planning real time and actionable telemetry operations to audit your services in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. The support for streaming diagnostic logs into Event Hubs was released in preview recently, and is made available in various services in Azure including App Service

New U.S. Government Policy Promotes Open Source

On Monday, U.S. government CIO Tony Scott and chief acquisition officer Anne E Rung laid out a new federal policy that encourages government agencies to open source their code. Scott and Rung said that agencies frequently pay to develop code that is very similar to code developed by other parts

Liquid Web Buys Rackspace’s Cloud Sites Unit

For some time, rumors have suggested that all or part of the cloud computing company Rackspace might be for sale. Now the company has confirmed some of those reports by selling its Cloud Sites web hosting service to Liquid Web. Like Cloud Sites, Liquid Web also offers cloud-based Web hosting

Error Log with USING & Try Catch

It is always a good idea writing exception details to an Error Log. You can refer to this file to determine a certain exception pattern, or track it down to specific times, but most importantly – you can track it to a certain event procedure, if written well enough. Here