September 27, 2016

RAML Resource Group

Hey all, Anyone working with open API’s and curious about RAML? The next event is on Thursday, but the group is planning to meet monthly.

Docker Support for Windows Server 2016 Hits General Availability

Docker has announced that after two years of work on the project, its support for Windows Server 2016 has achieved general availability status. That means enterprises can feel confident using the open source containerization technology on their Windows production servers. “Windows Server 2016 users can start up Docker as a

Survey: 88% of Enterprises Have Failed Data Analytics Projects

A new survey conducted by Dimensional Research on behalf of Snowflake Computing finds that rolling out an enterprise data analytics initiative isn’t as easy as many organizations think. Among those surveyed, 88 percent reported that they had at least one analytics project that failed because of serious problems with adoption

Passing the Missing Function Value

Ever?needed?to?pass?or?not?pass?a?value?to?a?sub?(or?function)?having?an?optional?argument?depending?on?the?business?rules? I?mean?something?like?this: Function?MyFunction(ByVal?SomeArg?As?Integer)?As?String ????If?SomeArg??0?Then ????????MyFunction?=?NotMyFunction(SomeArg)?’OK,?we?can?pass?SomeArg ????Else ????????MyFunction?=?NotMyFunction?’We?cannot?pass?it.?NotMyFunction?will?got?it?missing. ????End?If End?Function Instead?of?repeating?the?call?to?such?a?function?or?sub,?you?can?pass?it?a?true?missing?value?using?the?function?below: Public?Function?Missing(Optional?PlaceHolder?As?Variant)?As?Variant ????Missing?=?PlaceHolder End?Function Our?example?would?change?to?something?like?this: Function?MyFunction(ByVal?SomeArg?As?Integer)?As?Integer Dim?Arg?As?Variant ????If?SomeArg??0?Then?Arg?=?SomeArg?Else?Arg?=?Missing ????MyFunction?=?NotMyFunction(Arg) End?Function

Accelerate Mobile Pages with AMP

The power of mobile devices and the available bandwidth keeps increasing and content producers are very aware of the importance of the mobile platform. They generate content that’s designed specifically for mobile consumption. But, the user experience is still often lacking. There are two related problems here. First, the weight