September 30, 2016

Google Reorganizes Its Cloud Computing Offerings

Google is re-branding all of its cloud computing offerings under the name “Google Cloud.” In addition, it has a new name for Google Apps for Work: G Suite. The G Suite includes consumer-facing apps like Google Drive, Docs, Gmail, Calendar and Hangouts, and the company also announced new analytics and

Microsoft Launches AI Division

Microsoft is restructuring some of its business units, merging the Bing and Cortana product groups with Microsoft Research to create a new division called the AI and Research Group. In all, the artificial intelligence-focused group will include 5,000 engineers and computer scientists led by Harry Shum, who was formerly the

Find and Activate External Windows

It is very easy to obtain access to an external running window and activate it. All you need is the actual title of the window ( the text written in the titlebar of the window) and FindWindow and SetForegroundWindow APIs. FindWindow gets access to the window in question. SetForegroundWindow activates