August 25, 2023

Battery Boom

Texas Battery Boom: Securing Grid, Reducing Emissions

The growth in battery storage has demonstrated its importance in assisting Texas to withstand the increasingly common heatwaves without depending on extra fossil fuels. Recently, energy storage facilities with an

Raccoon Stealer Evolved

Infamous Raccoon Stealer Malware Returns

After vanishing for six months, the developers behind the notorious Raccoon Stealer malware have re-appeared on dark web hacker forums. Their return has alarmed both cybersecurity professionals and the general

SolarWinds Probe

SEC Probe Targets SolarWinds Executives

SolarWinds, a software firm, disclosed that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sent Wells Notices to multiple company executives, including CFO J. Barton Kalsu and CISO Tim Brown, regarding

Interspecies Communication

AI Decodes Interspecies Communication

In an exciting venture, Tel Aviv University researchers Yossi Yovel and Oded Rechavi from Israel investigate the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in decoding communication among non-human animals. Their provocative

Coolant Leak

Nuclear Plant Shutdown: Coolant Leak Scare

In Monroe County, Michigan, a nuclear power facility was shut down by DTE Energy on Sunday due to an identified coolant leakage during a routine inspection. The issue was promptly

Action Button Revolution

Discover the Action Button Revolutionizing iPhones

Apple has unveiled a new iOS beta for developers, which implies the possible incorporation of an “Action Button” in upcoming iPhone models. This revelation appears to validate earlier conjectures regarding

Refurbished Apple Deals

Score Amazing Deals on Refurbished Apple Products

If you’ve been contemplating an iPhone or Apple Watch upgrade but don’t necessarily require the most recent models, you’re in luck. A range of deals on refurbished earlier-generation iPhones and