August 29, 2023

AI-Powered Fighter Jet

AI-Powered XQ-58A Valkyrie Airplane Takes Flight

The U.S. Air Force is investigating the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in its unmanned XQ-58A Valkyrie experimental aircraft, which is being developed to enhance military strategies, the defense industry,

EV Global Demand; Onsite Interpreter

Is the World Ditching Traditional Vehicles?

The global demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has experienced an unexpected surge that experts are calling the “Field of Dreams” phenomenon. Lower prices and increased availability are predicted to further

AI Education

AI Teaching Kindergarteners?

Georgia has recently incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) into its curriculum, starting from kindergarten classrooms. This innovative move includes integrating AI across various subjects, providing valuable skills to both students and

Global EV Battery Market

Nations Go to War: The EV Battery Market

The global race for electric vehicle (EV) battery production dominance has recently attracted the attention of journalists from over 50 countries, including Saudi Arabia and Texas, who have been closely

iPhone Innovations

Apple’s Newest Changes: Don’t Miss Out!

Apple’s annual September event is poised to excite fans with an array of new product offerings. At the forefront is Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, accompanied by the eagerly-awaited Apple Watch

Unified EV Charging

A Group of Companies Just Boosted EV Charging

The expansion of electric vehicle (EV) usage presents the challenge of enhancing charging technology for a better user experience. Major automakers such as Ford, General Motors, and Mercedes-Benz plan to

Curtailment Challenges

Global Wind Power: Curtailment Challenges

As Jeju Island faces heightened discussion surrounding wind power curtailment, this phenomenon is not unique to the island. Around the world, numerous countries are grappling with renewable energy management challenges.

New BMW Facility

This BMW Battery Facility May Change the Industry

BMW has commenced construction on a state-of-the-art high-voltage battery component facility near Leipzig, signifying a considerable investment in electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing. Scheduled for completion by mid-2024, the project

Geothermal Power

Drilling Into the Earth: Not For Oil!

In a western Utah valley abundant with wind turbines and solar panels, Fervo Energy is investigating a novel path for renewable energy using a drilling rig moved from the oil